This is a screenshot from my spam folder from a few months ago (I’m a slow writer, OK), the only editing I have done is to remove the non-recruiter emails.


I’ve attempted to summarize in a more digestible form:

Position Technology Emails
Devops/Platform/Cloud Engineer AWS 7
Developer Go 1
Developer .NET 8
Developer Python 1
Data/Solutions Architect Azure 2
Support Analyst Windows 1
Devops/Platform Engineer GCP 2
Devops/Platform/Cloud Engineer Azure 1
Server/Storage Engineer Windows/Linux 1

You might be forgiven for thinking that I’m either a C# (do people say .NET, these days?) developer or an AWS DevOps Engineer but I’m an, mostly, Azure DevOps Engineer with a bit of experience in AWS who used to be a C# Developer and also a Solutions Architect, I think both Python and golang do feature in my CV too.

I really wish that they did more than just a keyword search on the CVs and stop spamming people with completely random and irrelevant positions.

Even more galling is the fact that the one time I got a very relevant email and responded recruiter it was simply ignored.