Stadia will shut its doors on 18th of January 2023 and for me it will be a sad day but one thing I won’t feel is ripped off as Google has (games so far) or is in the process of refunding all my purchases on the platform.

I find it ironic that the one thing that everybody would mention as a reason for not using Stadia, namely the fear of Google closing Stadia down and losing all the games that had been bought in Stadia would turn out to be not a problem at all, as Google decided to do the decent thing and offer refunds for the games bought as well as the hardware.

So I do wonder whether had this guarantee been offered would the take up have been better? In other words, if Google had said something like: if we close Stadia down within the next 5 years you will get a full refund and if it’s within the next 10 years you will get a partial refund.

I suspect that people would not have believed it, but now that they have taken this unusual step I hope that this becomes more common where some sort of partial refunds become the norm, unlikely but here is hoping.